News Release

Raymond Fuerst, owner of RAF Productions of St. Paul, Minnesota is pleased to announce that he is
forming a new company, the Forensic Animators, "Justice in Motion

Mr. Fuerst has owned and operated RAF Productions for the past 35 years and has been providing a variety
of services including producing graphics, animation, illustrations, video productions, audio productions, interactive
training, testing and assessment programs for medical manufacturing and other companies of all sizes.  RAF Productions
has been studying Forensic Animation for the past 11 years. 

More recently RAF has been expanding into the litigation support field providing animation and storyboard services for
attorneys with spectacular results.         

Forensic Animators provides a range of products to the legal profession including event/accident reconstruction, animation,
storyboards, cd, dvd and video exhibits and also expert witness services. The many uses and value of the products include:

                  determining liability/responsibility
                  enhancing witness and expert witness credibility
               clearing up confusing or difficult to understand testimony and
                  showing an event from different angles or viewpoints     

The products can be tailored to fit your individual needs and investment budget. 

Whether the case involves criminal law (such as how did the shooting occur, how did the event happen), personal injury
(automobile accidents, wrongful death, aviation accidents, fire accidents, maritime accidents, farm accidents, construction
defect or any other type of personal injury), product liability, medical malpractice, or whatever the area of law,
WHEN ANIMATION IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR CASE, Forensic Animators, "Justice in Motion"
can provide you the powerful tools for litigation.

When animation is an important part of your case.